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Hugo Alfven

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Aftonen (1)
Andante Religioso from Revelation Cantata, op.31 (2)
Cantata for the 450th Anniversary of Uppsala University, op.45 (1)
Cantata for the 1917 Reformation Festivities in Uppsala, op.36 (1)
Den forlorade sonen (The Prodigal Son), Suite (2)
Drapa for large orchestra, op.27 (2)
En bygdesaga (A Country Tale) Suite, op.53 (2)
En skargardssagen (A Legend of the Skerries), op.20 (4)
En skargardssägen (A Tale from the Archipelago), op.20 (1)
Festival Overture, op.26 (3)
Gustav Adolf II, op.49 (5)
I stilla timmar (1)
Jag langtar dig (1)
Julsang (1)
King Gustav Adolf II, op.49 (1)
» Elegy
Klockorna (The Bells), op.13 (1)
Liten svit for soloflojt (Little Suite for Solo Flute) (1)
Och jungfrun hon gar i ringen (1)
Praeludium, op.31 (1)
Revelation Cantata, op.31 (2)
Saa tag mit Hjerte (So take my heart) (2)
Skogen sover (2)
Songs (7), op.28 'Sju dikter av Ernest Thiel' (3)
Swedish Polka (2)
Swedish Rhapsody (arr. Faith) (1)
Swedish Rhapsody no.1, op.19 'Midsommarvaka' (Midsummer Vigil) (11)
Swedish Rhapsody no.2, op.24 'Uppsala-rapsodi' (Uppsala Rhapsody) (6)
Swedish Rhapsody no.3, op.47 'Dalarapsodi' (Dalecarlian Rhapsody) (6)
Swedish Rhapsody (1)
Symphony no.1 in F minor, op.7 (4)
Symphony no.2 in D major, op.11 (4)
Symphony no.3 in E major, op.23 (4)
Symphony no.4 in C minor, op.39 'From the Outskirts of Archipelago' (4)
Symphony no.5 in A minor, op.54 (4)
Synnove Solbakken: Suite, op.50 (2)
The Mountain King (Bergakungen): Suite, op.37 (10)
The Mountain King, op.37 (2)
The Prodigal Son: Suite (3)
Vallflickans dans, ur Bergakungen (Dance of Herdmaiden) (1)
Vid Emil Sjogrens bar (At Emil Sjogren's funeral), op.38 (1)
Vid sekelskiftet (At the Turn of the Century), op.12 (1)

Hugo Alfvén was born in Stockholm and studied at the Music Conservatory there from 1887 to 1891 with the violin as his main instrument, receiving lessons from Lars Zetterquist. He also took private composition lessons from Johan Lindegren, a leading counterpoint expert. He earned a living by playing the violin at the Royal Opera in Stockholm. He also played the violin in Kungliga Hovkapellet (the Swedish court orchestra).

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