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Peter Warlock

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A Cornish Carol (3)
A Cornish Christmas Carol (3)
Adam lay ybounden (6)
Along the Stream (1)
An Old Song (2)
And wilt thou leave me thus? (3)
A prayer to St Anthony of Padua (1)
A sad song (1)
As dew in Aprylle (7)
As ever I saw (2)
Autumn Twilight (2)
Away to Twiver (1)
Balulalow (10)
Belloc Songs (3) (2)
Benedicamus Domino (14)
Benneth Nadelik ha'n Bledhan Nowedh (1)
Bethlehem Down (arr. David Hill) (1)
Bethlehem Down (arr. P Lane) (1)
Bethlehem Down (27)
Born is the Babe (1)
Bright is the ring of words (1)
Candlelight, a cycle of twelve nursery jingles (1)
Capriol Suite (arr. Andrew Teague) (1)
Capriol Suite (17)
» Pavane
Captain Stratton's Fancy (3)
Carillon carilla (1)
Christmas Medley (1)
Cod-Pieces (2) (1)
Corpus Christi (4)
Cradle song (1)
Dirges of Webster (3) (4)
Fair and true (1)
Five Folk-Song Preludes (1)
Ha'nacker Mill (2)
Heracleitus (2)
I held love's head (1)
In an Arbour Green (1)
I saw a fair maiden (6)
Jillian of Berry (5)
Johnnie wi'the tye (1)
Late Summer (2)
Lillygay (2)
Lullaby my Jesus (2)
Lullaby (1)
Maltworms (1)
Mourn no moe (1)
Mr Belloc's Fancy (1)
My Little Sweet Darling (2)
My Own Country (4)
My gostly fader (2)
Passing By (1)
Peter Warlock's Fancy (1)
Peterisms, Set II (1)
Peterisms, Set I (1)
Pretty Ring Time (4)
Rest, sweet nymph (2)
Robin Good-Fellow (2)
Roister Doister (1)
Saudades (1)
Serenade for Strings (1)
Serenade for the 60th Birthday of Frederick Delius (1)
Sigh no more, ladies (1)
Sleep (5)
Songs (7) of Summer (1)
» Youth
Songs for Tenor and String Quartet (1)
Sweet and Twenty (2)
Sweet content (2)
Take, O take those lips away (3)
The Bachelor (2)
The Birds (3)
The Cloths of Heaven (1)
The Curlew (5)
The Distracted Maid (1)
The First Mercy (4)
The Fox (3)
The Frostbound Wood (3)
The Full Heart (2)
The Night (4)
The Rich Cavalcade (2)
The Shoemaker (1)
The Singer (2)
The Sycamore Tree (2)
The bayley berith the bell away (1)
The contented lover (1)
The droll lover (1)
The five lesser joys of Mary (1)
The lover's maze (1)
There is a lady sweet and kind (1)
The sick heart (1)
The spring of the year (1)
The wind from the west (1)
Thou gav'st me leave to kiss (1)
To the memory of a great singer (1)
Tyrley Tyrlow (2)
What Cheer? Good Cheer! (2)
Where riches is everlastingly (2)
Yarmouth Fair (4)

Peter Warlock was the pseudonym of Philip Arnold Heseltine (30 October 1894 17 December 1930), a British composer and music critic. The Warlock name, which reflects Heseltine's interest in occult practices, was used for all his published musical works. He is best known as a composer of songs and other vocal music; he also achieved notoriety in his lifetime through his unconventional and often scandalous lifestyle.

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