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Sigfrid Karg-Elert

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Arabesque no.1 in G flat major 'Filigran', op.5 (1)
Canzona in A minor (1)
Canzone in G flat minor, op.46b (1)
Caprices (25) (1)
Caprices (30) for solo flute, op.107 (5)
Cathedral Windows, op.106 (5)
Choral-Improvisationen (66), op.65 (6)
Choral-Improvisation on 'In dulci jubilo', op.75 no.2 (2)
Filigran (1)
Flute Sonata in B flat major, op.121 (3)
Flute Sonata in F sharp minor, op.140 (2)
Harmonium Sonata no.2, op.46 (arr. Graham Barber for organ) (1)
Hommage to Handel, op.75b (1)
Impressions (3) for organ, op.72 (1)
Impressions exotiques (5) for flute and piano, op.134 (2)
In dulci jubilo, op.75 no.2 (1)
Innere Stimmen (1)
Macht hoch die Tur, op.65 no.8 (1)
Nun danket alle Gott, op.65 no.59 (1)
Passacaglia and Fugue on B A C H, op.150 (2)
Pastels (7) from the Lake of Constance, op.96 (1)
Phantasie und Fuge in D major, op.39 (1)
Poesien (5), op.35 (3)
Portraits (33) for harmonium, op.101 (2)
Preludes and Postludes (20), op.78 (1)
Short Pieces (8), op.154 (2)
Silhouetten, op.29 (2)
Sinfonische Kanzone for flute and piano, op.114 (2)
Sinfonische Kanzone no.1, op.85 no.1 (1)
Sinfonische Kanzone no.3, op.85 no.3 (1)
Sonata appassionata for solo flute, op.140 (4)
Sonata for solo saxophone, op.153 (1)
Suite pointillistique for flute and piano, op.135 (3)
Symphonic Canzona, op.114 (1)
Symphonic Chorale, op.87 no.1 'Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade' (1)
Symphonic Chorale, op.87 no.2 'Jesu, meine Freude' (2)
Symphonic Chorale, op.87 no.3 'Nun ruhen alle Walder' (1)
Symphony in F sharp minor, op.143 (1)
Toccata on 'Jerusalem du hochgebaute Stadt', op.65 no.48 (1)
Valse Mignonne, op.142 no.2 (2)
Vom Himmel hoch (1)
Wie schon leucht' uns der Morgenstern, op.65 no.44 (1)

Sigfrid Karg-Elert (November 21, 1877 – April 9, 1933) was a German composer of considerable fame in the early twentieth century, best known for his compositions for organ and harmonium.

Karg-Elert regarded himself as an outsider. Notable influences in his work include composers Johann Sebastian Bach (he often used the B.A.C.H. motif in Bach's honour), Edvard Grieg, Claude Debussy, Max Reger, Aleksandr Scriabin, and early Arnold Schoenberg. In general terms, his musical style can be characterised as being late-romantic with impressionistic and expressionistic tendencies. His profound knowledge of music theory allowed him to stretch the limits of traditional harmony without losing tonal coherence.

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