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Josef Suk

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A Fairy Tale (Suite from Raduz & Mahulena), op.16 (5)
A Summer's Tale, op.29 (8)
A Winter's Tale, op.9 (3)
About Friendship (1)
About Mother, op.28 (3)
Asrael Symphony, op.27 (5)
Balada for String Quartet (1)
Ballade and Serenade, op.3 (8)
Ballade in D minor (1)
Barkarole in D minor (1)
Elegy, op.23 (piano trio) (10)
Epilogue, op.37 (2)
Fantasticke Scherzo, op.25 (3)
Fantasy-Polonaise (1)
Fantasy in G minor, op.24 (5)
Filled With Longing (1)
Humoresque (1)
Impressions of Summer (1)
Legend of the Dead Victors, op.35b (1)
Longing (1)
Lullabies (1)
Meditation on an old Czech hymn 'St Wenceslas', op.35a (11)
Menuet in G major (1)
Moods, op.10 (3)
Piano Compositions, op.12 (1)
Piano Pieces (6), op.7 (10)
Piano Quartet in A minor, op.1 (6)
Piano Quintet in G minor, op.8 (2)
Piano Trio in C minor, op.2 (5)
Pieces (4) for violin and piano, op.17 (18)
Pohadka (Fairy Tale), op.16 (3)
Prague, op.26 (2)
Ripening, op.34 (1)
Scherzo Fantastique, op.25 (1)
Serenade in E flat major, op.6 (16)
Spring (2)
String Quartet, op.31 (3)
String Quartet in B flat major, op.11 (5)
String Quartet in D minor (1)
String Quartet movement in B flat major (1)
Suite, op.21 (2)
» Minuet
Suite (1)
Symphony in C minor, op.27 'Asrael' (5)
Symphony in E major, op.14 (2)
Tempo di Minuetto for String Quartet (1)
The Ripening, op.34 (4)
Things Lived and Dreamed (10), op.30 (2)
Things Lived and Dreamed (1)
Towards a New Life, op.35c (2)
Under the Apple Tree (Suite from the Music to Julius Zeyer's Dramatic Legend), op.20 (1)
Village Serenade (1)

Josef Suk (4 January 1874 – 29 May 1935) was a Czech composer and violinist.

Suk's musical style started off with a very heavy emphasis on what he experienced during his time with Dvořák, though this Czech-style influence eventually slowly became more German and Austrian in style.

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Rachmaninov, Franck, Suk - Piano Trios
Rachmaninov, Franck, Suk - Piano Trios


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Bohemia: Dvorak, Janacek, Suk
Bohemia: Dvorak, Janacek, Suk


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Works for Cello and Piano
Works for Cello and Piano



Dvorak, Suk - Piano Quartets
Dvorak, Suk - Piano Quartets



Suk - Asrael
Suk - Asrael



Michael Gielen Edition Vol.4
Michael Gielen Edition Vol.4


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