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Allemande in E minor (1)
Capricen fur flote solo (1)
Caprices (8) (1)
Concerto in E flat major (1)
Concerto in G minor for 2 flutes (1)
Duets (6), op.2 (1)
Fantasia (Presto) (1)
Fantasias & preludes, 8 caprices & other pieces for the practice of the flute (3)
Fantasia (1)
Flute Concerto in A major (1)
Flute Concerto in A minor, QV5:236 (1)
Flute Concerto in A minor, QV5:238 (2)
Flute Concerto in C major (1)
Flute Concerto in C minor, QV5:38 (2)
Flute Concerto in D Major (1)
Flute Concerto in D major 'Potsdam' (1)
Flute Concerto in D major, QV5:45 (1)
Flute Concerto in D minor, QV5:81 (2)
Flute Concerto in D minor, QV5:86 (1)
Flute Concerto in E minor (1)
Flute Concerto in G major, QV5:165 (2)
Flute Concerto in G major, QV5:173 (1)
Flute Concerto in G major (4)
Flute Concerto in G minor, QV5:196 (1)
Flute Concerto in G minor (1)
Flute Sonata in C major, QV1:9 (1)
Flute Sonata in E flat major (1)
Flute Sonata in E minor (1)
Flute Sonata in G minor, QV1:28 (1)
Flute Sonata in G minor, QV1:116 (1)
Flute Sonata in G minor, QV2:35 (1)
Flute Sonata no.14 in G minor, QV1:116 (1)
Flute Sonata no.101 in E minor, QV1:71 (1)
Flute Sonata no.219 in D major, QV1:33 (1)
Flute Sonata no.231 in B minor, QV1:54 (1)
Flute Sonata no.232 in G major, QV1:111 (1)
Flute Sonata no.272 in F major, QV1:93 (1)
Flute Sonata no.273 in G major, QV1:109 (2)
Flute Sonata no.274 in A major, QV1:145 (2)
Flute Sonata no.275 in B flat major, QV1:161 (2)
Flute Sonata no.276 in C minor, QV1:18 (1)
Flute Sonata no.277 in D major, QV1:42 (2)
Flute Sonata no.305 in C minor, QV1:14 (1)
Flute Sonata no.349 in F major, QV1:89 (1)
Horn Concerto in E flat major (1)
Horn Concerto no.3 in E flat major (1)
Menuetto (L'inconu) & 10 variations in E minor (1)
Minuetto (2)
Sarabande in G major (1)
Suite for solo flute (1)
Trio Sonata in C major, QV2:Anh.1 (1)
Trio Sonata in C major (1)
Trio Sonata in D major, QV2:15 (1)
Trio Sonata in D major, QV2:Anh3 (1)
Trio Sonata in E flat major, QV2:17 (1)

Johann Joachim Quantz (30 January 1697 12 July 1773) was a German flutist, flute maker and composer. He composed hundreds of flute sonatas and concertos, and wrote On Playing the Flute, a treatise on flute performance.

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