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Ernest John Moeran

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A Dream of Death (1)
Bank Holiday (3)
Blue-Eyed Spring (2)
Cello Concerto (4)
Cello Sonata in A minor (2)
Come Away, Death (1)
Diaphenia (1)
English Lyrics (4) (1)
Fancies (3) (1)
Fantasy Quartet (1)
Far in a western brookland (1)
Folksong Arrangements (2) (2)
Folksongs (6) from Norfolk (1)
Gaol Song (1)
High Germany (1)
If there be any Gods (1)
In Youth is Pleasure (1)
In the Mountain Country (2)
Invitation in Autumn (1)
Irish Love Song (1)
Legends (2) (1)
Lonely Waters (2)
Loveliest of Trees (2)
Ludlow Town: song cycle (4) (2)
Maltworms (1)
Mantle of Blue (1)
Nocturne (1)
Norfolk Folksongs (6) (1)
Oh fair enough are Sky and Plain (2)
On a May morning (1)
Overture for a Masque (3)
Parson and Clerk (1)
Phyllida and Corydon (1)
Piano Pieces (3) (1)
Piano Trio in D major (2)
Pieces (2) (1)
Poems (7) of James Joyce (3)
Prelude for cello and piano (2)
Prelude (1)
Rahoon (2)
Rhapsody for Piano and Orchestra in F sharp minor (4)
Rhapsody no.1 in F major (2)
Rhapsody no.2 in E major (4)
Rosaline (1)
Rosefrail (2)
Serenade in G major (3)
Shakespeare Songs (4) (3)
Sinfonietta (4)
Sonata in A major for 2 violins (3)
Songs (2) from the repertoire of John Goss (1)
Songs (2) (1)
Songs (4) from a Shropshire Lad (1)
Songs (6) of Seumas O'Sullivan (2)
Songs (7) from County Kerry (1)
Songs (7) of Springtime (4)
Spring goeth all in white (1)
Stalham River (1)
String Quartet no.1 in A minor (3)
String Quartet no.2 in E flat major (3)
String Trio in G major (3)
Suffolk Folksongs (6) (1)
Summer Valley (2)
Symphony in G minor (3)
The Day of Palms (1)
The Jolly Carter (1)
The Little Milkmaid (1)
The Lost Lover (1)
The Merry Month of May (1)
The Monk's Fancy (1)
The North Sea Ground (1)
The Sailor and Young Nancy (traditional) (5)
The Sweet o' the Year (1)
Theme and variations (1)
Tilly (1)
Toccata (1)
Troll the Bowl (1)
Twilight (2)
Violin Concerto (6)
Violin Sonata in E minor (2)
Weep you no more (2)
When I came last to Ludlow (1)
When June is come (1)
When smoke stood up (1)
Whythorne's Shadow (2)

Ernest John Moeran (31 December 1894 – 1 December 1950) was an English composer who had strong associations with Ireland (his father was Irish, he spent much of his life there, and he died there).

Moeran came late in the canon of last major English composers heavily influenced by English folk-song and thus belongs to the lyrical tradition of such composers as Delius, Vaughan Williams and Ireland. The influence of the nature and landscapes of Norfolk and Ireland are also often evident in his music. Some of his larger-scale orchestral pieces were composed (or at least conceived) whilst Moeran walked the hills of western England, particularly in Herefordshire, and Ireland, where the grandness of the mountain ranges of Kerry inspired him greatly. But, unlike some now-forgotten English "pastoralist" composers, Moeran was capable of conveying a wide range of emotions through his music and wasn't afraid of writing in a darker and harsher idiom when it suited him. His style is conservative but not derivative.

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