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Frank Martin

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Ach herzeliep (1)
Agnus Dei (3)
Ballade for cello and piano (2)
Ballade for cello and small orchestra (3)
Ballade for flute, piano and string orchestra (1)
Ballade for flute, string orchestra and piano (1)
Ballade for flute and orchestra (4)
Ballade for flute and piano (6)
Ballade for trombone and orchestra (2)
Ballade for trombone and piano (4)
Cello Concerto (4)
Chants de noel (3) (1)
Concerto for 7 Wind Instruments (2)
Concerto for 7 wind instruments, percussion and piano (3)
Danses (3) for Oboe, Harp and String Orchestra (1)
Dedicace de P. de Ronsard (1)
Der Cornet (1)
Der Sturm: suite (1)
Der Sturm (1)
Die Weise von Liebe und Tod des Cornets Christoph Rilke for contalto and orchestra (2)
Ein Totentanz zu Basel: Concert Suite (1)
Ein Totentanz zu Basel (1)
Erasmi monumentum (1)
Esquisse (2)
Et la vie l'emporta (1)
Etudes for string orchestra (4)
Fantasie sur des rythmes flamenco (1)
Golgotha (2)
Guitare (1)
In terra pax (4)
Les quatres elements (1)
Le vin herbe (1)
Maria-Triptychon (2)
Mass for double choir (19)
» Credo
» Kyrie
Monologues (6) from Hofmannsthal's Jedermann (9)
Passacaglia (1)
Passacaille for organ (2)
Passacaille for string orchestra (2)
Pavane Couleur du temps (string quintet) (arr. Duo Adentro) (1)
Pavane Couleur du temps (string quintet) (1)
Pavane couleur du temps (a 4 mains) (1)
Petite Symphonie concertante, op.54 (arr. Tomer Lev) (1)
Petite Symphonie concertante, op.54 (2)
Piano Quintet in D minor (1)
Pieces breves (4) (6)
Polyptique (1)
Preludes (8) for piano (5)
» no.7
Requiem (2)
Sonata da Chiesa (arr. Victor Desarzens) (1)
Sonata da Chiesa (3)
Songs of Ariel from Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' (5) (6)
String Quartet (1)
Symphonie Concertante (2)
Symphony for Large Orchestra (1)
Trio on Popular Irish Melodies for piano, violin and cello (6)
Violin Concerto (5)
Zwischen Rhone und Rhein: Official march of the Swiss National Exhibition (1)

Frank Martin (15 September 1890 – 21 November 1974) was a Swiss composer, who lived a large part of his life in the Netherlands.

Born into a Huguenot family in the Eaux-Vives quarter of Geneva, the youngest of the ten children of a Calvinist pastor named Charles Martin, Frank Martin was improvising at the piano even before he started school. At the age of nine, despite having received no musical instruction, he wrote some complete songs. He attended a performance of Johann Sebastian Bach's St. Matthew Passion when he was 12 and was deeply affected.

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