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Toru Takemitsu

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A Bird Came Down the Walk (1)
A Flock descends into the Pentagonal Garden (3)
A Piece for Guitar 'For the Birthday of Sylvano Bussotti' (2)
A Song of Early Spring (Akira Nakada) (1)
A Way a Lone II (1)
A Way a Lone (2)
Air (4)
All in Twilight (4 pieces for guitar) (4)
And then I knew 'twas Wind (3)
Between tides for violin, cello and piano (2)
Bryce (1)
Cassiopeia (1)
Ceremonial: An Autumn Ode (1)
Chiisana Sora (Small Sky) (1)
Concerto for Viola and Orchestra 'A String Around Autumn' (1)
Corona and crossing (1)
Corona (2)
Distance, for saxophone solo (3)
Distance de Fee (2)
Dream/Window (1)
Dreamtime (2)
Eclipse for shakuhachi and biwa (2)
Equinox, for guitar (4)
Family Tree (1)
Fantasma/Cantos (1)
Far Calls, Coming, tar! for violin and orchestra (1)
Film Scores (3) for Strings (1)
Film Scores (3) (1)
Folios, for guitar (3)
For Away (6)
From Far beyond Chrysanthemums and November Fog (1)
From me flows what you call time (3)
Gemeaux for oboe, trombone, two orchestras and two conductors (1)
Hika for violin and piano (2)
I Hear the Water Dreaming (1)
In the Woods (5)
Itinerant (1)
Itinerunt (1)
Landscape I (for string quartet) (2)
Lento in due movimenti (1)
Les Yeux Clos II (6)
Les Yeux Clos (6)
Litany (5)
Masque (1)
My Way of Life (1)
Nami no Bon (1)
Nostalghia for violin and string orchestra (3)
November Steps for biwa, shakuhachi and orchestra (5)
Orion and Pleiades for violoncello and orchestra (1)
Orion (1)
Paths, op.50 (2)
Pause ininterrompue (2)
Piano Distance (5)
Piano Pieces for Children (2)
Rain Spell (1)
Rain Tree, for three percussionists (2)
Rain Tree Sketch II (12)
Rain Tree Sketch (8)
Rain Tree (2)
Ran (1)
Requiem for string orchestra (3)
Riverrun (1)
Rocking mirror daybreak for violin duo (1)
Romance (3)
Shinda Otoko no Nokoshita Mono wa (All That the Man Left Behind When He Died) (1)
Signals from Heaven (1)
Solitude Sonore (1)
Songs for guitar (12) (5)
Spirit Garden (2)
Stanza II for harp and tape (1971) (2)
Star-Isle (1)
The Last Waltz (arr. for guitar) (1)
To the Edge of Dream (1)
Toward the Sea III (2)
Toward the Sea II (1)
Toward the Sea I (2)
Uninterrupted rests (2)
Viola Concerto 'A String around Autumn' (3)
Voice, for solo flute (2)
Voice (1)

Toru Takemitsu (October 8, 1930 February 20, 1996) was a Japanese composer and writer on aesthetics and music theory. Largely self-taught, Takemitsu possessed consummate skill in the subtle manipulation of instrumental and orchestral timbre. He is famed for combining elements of oriental and occident philosophy to create a sound uniquely his own, and for fusing opposites together such as sound with silence and tradition with innovation.

He composed several hundred independent works of music, scored more than ninety films and published twenty books. He was also a founding member of the Jikken Kobo (experimental workshop) in Japan, a group of avant-garde artists who distanced themselves from academia and whose collaborative work is often regarded among the most influential of the 20th century.

His 1957 Requiem for strings orchestra attracted international attention, led to several commissions from across the world and established his reputation as one of the leading 20th-century Japanese composers.

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