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Au matin, op.83 (1)
Barcarolle no.2 in F major, op.80 (1)
Barcarolle no.3 in B flat major, op.105 (1)
Bergers et bergeres, op.55 no.6 (1)
Chanson de juin (1)
Chanson du berger (1)
Chanson (1)
Concerto Romantique, op.35 (4)
Conte de fee, op.62 (1)
Contemplation (1)
Dieu, qui sourit et qui donne (1)
Elle (1)
Fables de La Fontaine (6) (1)
Fantaisie, op.143 (1)
Fantaisie Persane, op.152 (1)
Fragments poetiques, op.13 (1)
Gavotte, op.16 no.3 (1)
Guitare (1)
Introduction et Allegro pour piano et orchestre, op.49 (2)
Jacotte (1)
Je ne veux pas d'autres choses (1)
Jocelyn, op.100: Suite no.1 (1)
Jocelyn, op.100: Suite no.2 (1)
Jocelyn, op.100 (14)
L'invitation au voyage (1)
Le Banc de pierre (1)
Le Menetrier (1)
Legende pastorale, op.138 (1)
Les Guelfes, op.70 (2)
Mazurka no.4, op.103 (1)
Message (Si mes vers avaient des ailes) (1)
Morceaux (3), op.16 (1)
Morceaux (3), op.51 (1)
Nocturne no.1, op.68 (1)
Nocturne no.2, op.90 (1)
Nocturne no.3, op.139 (1)
Nocturne no.4, op.150 (1)
Nouvelles Chansons du vieux temps (1)
Pastorales, op.29 (1)
Piano Concerto no.1 in A minor, op.31 (2)
Piano Concerto no.2, op.148 (2)
Piano Sonata no.2, op.94 (1)
Piano Trio in F major, op.72 (1)
Piano Trio in G minor, op.32 (1)
Pieces (20) for piano, op.58 (1)
Printemps (1)
Promenade en mer, op.86 (1)
Renouveau, op.82 (1)
Reve vecu, op.140 (1)
Scenes Italiennes (3) for piano, op.126 (1)
Scenes Italiennes (1)
Scenes Poetiques, op.46 (1)
Sonata fantastique, op.63 (1)
Sonata no.1 for solo violin, op.20 (1)
Sonata no.2 for solo violin (1)
Sonata no.3 for solo violin, op. post. (1)
Songs (12), op.11 (1)
Suite de trois morceaux, op.116 (5)
» Idylle
Sur la mer, op.44 (1)
Symphonie Orientale pour orchestre, op.84 (1)
Symphonie gothique, op.23 (1)
Symphony no.2, op.57 (1)
Te souviens-tu (1)
Valse, op.116 (1)
Valse chromatique, op.88 (1)
Violin Concerto no.2 in G minor, op.131 (1)
Violin Sonata no.1, op.1 (1)
Violin Sonata no.2, op.2 (1)
Violin Sonata no.3, op.9 (1)
Violin Sonata no.4, op.12 (1)

Benjamin Louis Paul Godard (18 August 1849 10 January 1895) was a French violinist and Romantic-era composer of Jewish extraction. Godard has composed six operas, five symphonies, a piano and two violin concertos, string quartets, sonatas for violin and piano, piano pieces and etudes, and more than a hundred songs. He died at the age of 45 in Cannes (Alpes-Maritimes) with tuberculosis and was buried in the family tomb in Taverny in the French department of Val-d'Oise

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