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John Sheppard

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Adesto sancta Trinitas II (1)
Aeterne Rex altissime (1)
All laud and praise (Psalm 30) (1)
A solis ortus cardine (1)
Attend, my people (Psalm 78) (1)
Audivi vocem de caelo (2)
Ave maris stella (2)
Beata nobis gaudia (1)
Beati omnes (1)
Christ, our Paschal Lamb (1)
Christi virgo dilectissima (1)
Christ rising again (1)
Confitebor tibi Domine (2)
Deus misereatur (2)
Dum transisset Sabbatum II (1)
Gaude, gaude, gaude Maria (3)
Gaude gaude gaude Maria (2)
Gaudete celicole (2)
Gaude virgo Christiphera (2)
Help, Lord, for good and godly men (Psalm 12) (1)
Hodie nobis caelorum rex (1)
Igitur O Jesu (1)
I give you a new commandment (1)
Illustrissima omnium (1)
Impetum fecerunt unanimes (1)
Inclina Domine (1)
In manus tuas III (2)
In manus tuas II (1)
In manus tuas I (7)
In manus tuas (2)
In pace in idipsum (2)
I trust in God (Psalm 11) (1)
Iudica me Deus (1)
Jesu salvator saeculi (1)
Kyrie Lux et origo (Kyrie Paschale) (2)
Laudate pueri (1)
Laudem dicite Deo (1)
Libera Nos (3)
Libera nos, salva nos II (5)
Libera nos, salva nos I (7)
Libera nos, salva nos (5)
Martyr Dei qui unicum (2)
Mass 'Be not afraide' (1)
Mass: The Western Wynde (2)
Media vita (4)
Missa Cantate (6)
» Gloria
O Lord, with all my heart and mind (Psalm 9) (1)
Reges Tharsis et insulae (5)
Sacris solemniis (3)
Sancte Dei pretiose (2)
Singularis privilegii (1)
Spiritus sactus procedens II (1)
Steven first after Christ (1)
The Lord's Prayer (4)
Vain, all our life (1)
Vaine, vaine, vaine (1)
Verbum caro factum est (3)
Western Wynde Mass (1)

John Sheppard (also Shepherd, c. 1515 – December 1558) was an English singer and composer.

Sheppard was one of the finest English church composers of the Tudor era, his achievements matched in his generation only by Thomas Tallis. The two most extensive sources of his music are the so-called Gyffard partbooks (GB-Lbm 17802-5), a set of four manuscript part-books probably copied during the 1570s for Dr Roger Gyffard (research by David Mateer) and GB-Och 979-83, five surviving part-books from a set of six copied after 1575 by the Windsor singingman John Baldwin. Much of the Gyffard music may have been composed during Sheppard's Oxford years (the compiler had formerly been a Fellow of Merton College Oxford); but the music from the Christ Church part-books probably formed part of the repertory of the Chapel Royal choir during the 1550s, when Sheppard, Tallis and William Mundy were the three principal composing members of the choir. Sheppard was evidently a key figure in Mary Tudor's programme to supply the Chapel with elaborate polyphony for the Sarum Rite, which was restored by the Catholic monarch on her accession in 1553.

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