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Erwin Schulhoff

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Arabeske, op.29 no.2 (1)
Bassnachtigall (2)
Cello Sonata, op.17 (2)
Concertino for flute, viola and double bass, WV75 (5)
Concerto Doppio for flute and piano (3)
Concerto for string quartet and wind ensemble, WV97 (2)
Der Burger als Edelmann: concert suite (1)
Die Wolkenpumpe (1)
Divertissement (2)
Double Concerto for flute, piano and string orchestra with 2 horns (1)
Duo for violin and cello (14)
Elf Inventionen, WV57 (1)
Esquisses de jazz, WV90 (arr. string quartet) (1)
Esquisses de jazz, WV90 (3)
Etudes de jazz (5), WV81 (9)
Flammen, WV93 (1)
Flute Sonata, op.61 (14)
Fuga (1)
Gesange (5), op.32 (1)
Groteske: 2 excerpts (arr. for piano) (1)
Grotesken (5) (1)
Hot-Sonate (8)
» II
Inventionen (11), op.36 (1)
Ironies, op.34 (3)
Klavierstucke (2), WV119 (1)
Klavierstucke (10), op.30 (1)
Kleine Reigen (9), op.13 (1)
Landschaften, op.26 WV44 (2)
Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (3)
Melancolia (1)
Menschheit, op.28 WV48 (2)
Musik fur Klavier, op.35 WV56 (2)
Neue Pizzicato-Polka, op.449 (1)
Ogelala (excerpts) (1)
Ogelala (2)
Ostinato (1925) (1)
Partita (3)
Perpetuum Mobile (1)
Piano Concerto, op.43 WV66 (4)
Piano Concerto no.1, op.11 (1)
Piano Sonata no.1 (2)
Piano Sonata no.2, WV81 (2)
Piano Sonata no.3 (1)
Pieces (3) for string orchestra (2)
Pieces (5) for string quartet (arr. saxophones) (1)
Pieces (5) for string quartet (orch. M Honeck, T Ille) (1)
Pieces (5) for string quartet (10)
Pittoresken (5), op.31 WV51 (1)
Schulhoff Text (1)
Sonata for solo violin (4)
Songs (4), op.2 (1)
Stimmungsbilder (3), op.12 (1)
String Quartet no.1 (5)
String Quartet no.2 (1)
String Sextet (7)
Studies (10) in Syncopation 'Hot-music', WV92 (1)
Suite, op.37 (1)
Suite dansante en jazz, WV98 (4)
Suite for Violin and Piano (2)
Suite for chamber orchestra (2)
Suite no.2, WV71 (2)
Suite no.3 for piano left hand, WV81 (2)
Suite no.3 (1)
Susi (2)
Symphony no.1 (1)
Symphony no.2 (2)
Symphony no.3 (1)
Symphony no.5 (1)
The Communist Manifesto (oratorio) (1)
Variationen und Fugato uber ein eigenes dorisches Thema, op.10 (1)
Violin Sonata no.1, op.7 (3)
Violin Sonata no.2 (6)

Erwin Schulhoff (8 June 1894 – 18 August 1942) was a Czech composer and pianist. He was one of the figures in the generation of European musicians whose successful careers were prematurely terminated by the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany and whose works have been rarely noted or performed.

His early works exhibit the influence of composers from the preceding generation, including Debussy, Scriabin, and Richard Strauss. Later, during his Dadaist phase, Schulhoff composed a number of pieces with absurdist elements. In futurum, part of his Fünf Pittoresken for piano, is a silent piece composed entirely of rests that anticipates John Cage's 4′33″ by over thirty years. Schulhoff's composition is notated in great rhythmic detail, employing bizarre time signatures and intricate rhythmic patterns.

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1923: 100 Years of Radio


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Slavonic Journey: Czech Chamber Music for Flute and Piano
Slavonic Journey: Czech Chamber Music for Flute and Piano


(Prospero Classical)

Entartete Musik
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Tchaikovsky - Symphony no.5; Schulhoff - 5 Pieces
Tchaikovsky - Symphony no.5; Schulhoff - 5 Pieces


(Reference Recordings)

Secret Nights
Secret Nights


(Solo Musica)

Schulhoff - Shapeshifter
Schulhoff - Shapeshifter



Le Tango des Fratellini
Le Tango des Fratellini


(Coviello Classics)

Etcetera 40th Anniversary: 20th Century Collection
Etcetera 40th Anniversary: 20th Century Collection